Prevent. Promote. Protect.

We are responsible to carry out public health programs through population-based services to prevent disease and injuries and promote and protect health. The agency focuses on identification and surveillance of health threats, community health protection and promotion, screening and prevention services and outreach services to help individuals access and benefit from the health care system and community resources.


The Montgomery County Health Department partners with the community in three different areas to make an impact on the wellbeing of our county and it's residences.
Public Health
The health interventions, programs, and support for public health.
Children Services
Children services are the programs and support for the children and families of Montgomery county.
Mental Health
The programs and people supporting the mental health and well being of the county.


LIFE in Montgomery County is your gateway to a diverse range of health-oriented initiatives. From the pivotal moments of birth to the complexities of end-of-life arrangements, the program seamlessly navigates the terrain of health services. From childhood immunizations to safeguarding against rabies, mental health support to hosting lead training classes, our offerings are as varied as they are essential.

Assessing the Needs of Our Community

The Montgomery County Public Health Department, in partnership with the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs at Syracuse University and the Central New York Community Foundation, has developed a Community Needs Assessment, or CNA, to accurately assess the real-time needs of County residents.
Our hope is that with this CNA, we will be able to better target the services and programs we deliver in order to better serve the needs of our community.
All CNA responses are completely anonymous -- the survey does not ask nor record your name nor your address. Information such as your five-digit ZIP code (e.g., 12010) or age range (e.g. 19-35, 36-55) is only requested so we can ensure that all parts of the County are being represented.
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